Telecom Equipments Repair

Ecode has extensive component-level repair capability for a wide range of telecom equipment. Our competence ranges from simple telephone devices to highly-complex, software-driven products such as Internet Protocol (IP) products, Voice Mail Systems, and Servers. Since 2005, we have been repairing telecom equipment for major OEMs, distributors and service providers.

Telecom products have traditionally had a very long product life cycle. Our customers are often challenged by the need to support a “long tail” of legacy products. Whether it’s current or older generation electronics, high or low volume, Ecode has the experience and expertise to provide the right service for your individual needs.

Ecode guarantees the quality of our customers’ products by testing and retesting each item prior to shipment. Each repaired/refurbished item is tested a minimum of three times:

  • ♦ Initially inspected by a technician to locate any defects.
  • ♦ Secondly, after the problem has been corrected.
  • ♦ Finally after a complete refurbishment of the item.

Our full-service repair center simulates live, working environments which ensure our customer’s confidence in the products we service and repair.

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