PCB TO PCB Layout to Schamtic Reverse

Ecode is one of few companies that are able to convert any PCB into Schematic diagram. We can provide complete part list, components values & other data. If you want to change any circuit board into schematic, our service is present for you.

  • Schematic diagram replicate is reverse engineering of Printed circuits boards that is used often to the changing in circuit diagram design for better to work.
  • In this process we get all the information about PCB and obtain the correct schematic diagram for purpose of replicate a design through PCB file or directly draw it according to physical PCB sample.

  • Expertise

    PCB to schematic conversion is a complex and difficult task requiring great care and experience. Our team will perform the following tasks in very concentrated and skillful manner:

  • Replace an obsolete printed circuit board
  • Re-create lost or missing PCB manufacturing files.
  • Update an existing PCB assembly with new capabilities.
  • Re-engineer an old PCB design to current standards, using new components.
  • Re-engineering for cost reduction/obsolescence.
  • Create new reference designs.
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