Ecode is specialized in Reverse Engineering of Electronic Products and providing the supporting Engineering Documentation in CAD format.
PCB Reverse Engineering, also known as PCB Clone or PCB Copying, is using Reverse Engineering technology onto the PCB which was designed and manufactured by others, If you have a printed circuit board flex, Gerber files, or Design files that you need reverse engineered, copying or cloning Ecode can help you.

  • ♦ PCB Reverse Engineering (Building Schematic Document from PCB)
  • ♦ Electronic Product Reverse Engineering
  • ♦ Alternative components suggestionsg
  • ♦ Multilayer boards Reverse Engineering
  • ♦ Product up gradation
  • ♦ Files delivery in various compatible formats
  • ♦ No Limit on nodes or pads
  • ♦ No limit on board size
  • ♦ No Limit on components (through hole, surface mount, or mixed)
  • ♦ SMT pitch down to 0.35mm or less depending on board layout
PCB to PCB Layout Reverse

Ecode is one of the best service provider for reverse engineering of pcb to pcb layout. In the fast moving Electronics world, sometimes the need arises to replace an obsolete PCB. Reasons for this may include lack of continuity from the original manufacturer, the original Gerber design files have been mislaid or the costs are not within budget. Even if the product is still available, a re-engineering audit can reveal potential for improved cost and/or performance.

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