Power Electronic Equipments Repair

We have applied our electronic engineering know how to addressing electronic equipment repair issues in the field of Power Electronics. Ecode offer specialist, custom repair and refurbishment/upgrade solutions for all components found within the equipment. With over 15 years of experience in the electronic repair industry we are applying our expertise to the Power Electronics. We are capable of carrying out full component level repair work on a wide range of Power Electronic Equipment.

We take pride in providing the highest quality workmanship. We not only carry out a thorough electronic repair we ensure that any other weakened or stressed components are completely replaced offering the customer peace of mind and extended warranties. After the initial repair and replacement of defective components, where possible we fully test the unit to ensure it is functioning to specification.

We have many repair solutions for a vast range of Power Electronic Equipments including:

  • ♦ Inverter & Frequency Converters
  • ♦ Motor & Servo Controllers
  • ♦ AC / DC Supplies
  • ♦ Brake Choppers & Power Regenraitve   Units
  • ♦ Power UPSs
  • ♦ Power Supplies & System Boards
  • ♦ Soft Start
  • ♦ One-phase & Three-phase Power   Controls

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