Bio-Medical Equipments Repair

Ecode has a background of over 10 years in repairing and maintaining a wide and ever-changing range of medical, clinical and imaging equipment. Our technicians and engineers have a lot of electronics and mechanical expertise in performing a broad range of OEM repairs, eliminating downtime and medical equipment repair delays, and creating typical operating cost savings of up to 70%.

Our medical customers include hospitals and service organisations as well as maintenance companies and even manufacturers. Having completed many and varied types of repairs. Our technical insight and knowledge ensure that defective hardware is restored to full OEM functional specifications and this is guaranteed. We are constantly researching and introducing new advanced repair solutions to the market which have been proven to reduce costs for our customers.

We have many repair solutions for a vast range of Bio-Medical Equipments including:

  • ♦ Medical Imaging Equipment
  • ♦ Probes & sensors
  • ♦ Touch Screen Displays
  • ♦ CT-scanner
  • ♦ Defibrillator
  • ♦ Ventilator
  • ♦ Ultrasound Machine
  • ♦ Fetal Monitor
  • ♦ Dental Equipments
  • ♦ ECG Machine
  • ♦ X-Ray Machine
  • ♦ Coagulometer
  • ♦ Patient Monitor
  • ♦ Pulsoximeter
  • ♦ Electrocardiograph
  • ♦ Monitors & Displays both CRT & Flat Panel

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