Industrial Control Equipments Repair

We are one of the leading independent electronic repair company providing fast, safe and cost effective industrial control equipment repair. We have been repairing electronic and electro mechanical equipment for over 15 years. We perform extensive component level repairs to all types of electronic devices and control systems.

We provide a repair service for equipment that is not covered under manufacturers’ warranty or out of scope for your own repair workshops. Our repair solutions provide our customers with a solution that is in some cases virtually impossible to get anywhere else and which is significantly cheaper than the solutions provided by the original equipment manufacturers.

We have many repair solutions for a vast range of Industrial Control Equipments including:

  • ♦ IPC Units
  • ♦ Heat Exchangers/Chillers
  • ♦ Workstations
  • ♦ Electro Mechanical Devices
  • ♦ PLC
  • ♦ System & Controller Boards
  • ♦ ECU
  • ♦ Keypads / Trackballs
  • ♦ Tubes & Transmitters

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